Sitting across the bar, staring right at her prey

It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way

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Hello and welcome to my journal! I go by Laura or Sadie in most places and here you'll find my doll adventures. My prior journal was fabletree but I no longer update that account; all of my hobby pursuits and personal entries can be found here. Entries of a personal nature will likely be friends-locked, so we'll need to be mutually friended in order for those to be visible. My hobby entries are largely unlocked, however, so peruse at will!

Now, for a little more about the dolls I've largely dedicated this account to! I'm not a 'collector' in the sense of keeping dolls in their boxes; I like to take them out and photograph them! My collection includes the following (so far):

Moxie Teenz
Monster High
Disney Princesses
Wee 3 Friends
4 Ever Friends

Pictures can be found here and on my Flickr account. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade doll clothes, come check it out! It's Kittyden.

Adding policy: all doll fanatics welcome! I'm also a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time, BBC's Sherlock, and many other things. Check my interests.

[Please note: I live with softness so duplicate photos will probably occur, but Kalli owns a Canon PowerShot Pro1 and I have a dinky little Canon SD1000 Elph so, if you look, the differences should be pretty obvious. I'm looking at a new camera but it's presently outside of my price range. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, but not just yet.]